"Divine" by omyügen is a genre-defying musical journey that combines the infectious energy of Jersey Club with the emotional depth of hip-hop. With its compelling lyrics and pulsating beats, this track invites listeners to break free from the darkness, promising unity in a world often marked by isolation. Omyügen's calming vocals and unfiltered honesty add depth to the song, as it delves into themes of vulnerability and self-discovery. "Divine" challenges us to confront our inner conflicts and embrace our true selves, making it more than just a song but a transformative experience. This release marks omyügen as an artist on the forefront of musical innovation, pushing boundaries and forging a unique path in the industry.



Ride through an enthralling odyssey of raw emotions and intricate love nuances with omyügen's "Blackhorse" - effortlessly traversing between infectious, upbeat vibes and hauntingly dark atmospheres, fearlessly blending krautrock, punk, and pop, creating an unprecedented soundscape that leaves an indelible mark on hearts and boldly transcends boundaries, offering an unparalleled sonic journey that mesmerizes, evokes, and resonates profoundly.



"Spaceboy." is an experimental new wave pop song by omyügen that explores the artist's obsession with space and how it simultaneously fascinates and terrifies him. With lyrics that express feelings of paranoia, loneliness, and being lost in time, the song takes listeners on a journey through the darkest realms of the artist's mind. Omyügen's unique blend of dark pop and experimental soundscapes creates an unforgettable atmosphere that perfectly captures the eerie beauty of the universe. "Spaceboy"  is a testament to the artist's talent for crafting emotionally charged and thought-provoking music that pushes boundaries and defies genres. Stream on Spotify:

Satan's Lullaby 

"Satan's Lullaby" is a dark ballad by omyügen that explores the price of fame and the way it can control people's lives. The lyrics paint a haunting picture of someone who has sold their soul to the devil in exchange for fame and success. With a brooding melody and haunting vocals, the song captures the feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and loss of control that can come with living in the public eye. The chorus of the song, "I control your life, make you wanna die, make you hate your life, all of that for fame, all of that for change, you will sign your name with the devil's vein," is a powerful indictment of the way the entertainment industry can manipulate and exploit artists. "Satan's Lullaby" is a must-listen for anyone who has ever questioned the price of fame and the toll it can take on a person's soul. 

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The Crossroads

"The Crossroads" is an atmospheric rock noir track that explores the legend of blues musician Robert Johnson and his rumored deal with the devil at the crossroads. The lyrics describe a lost soul who has sold their soul to the devil in exchange for musical success, and the dark, ambient soundscapes create a moody, evocative atmosphere that perfectly captures the sense of foreboding and danger. With its themes of temptation, despair, and supernatural power, "The Crossroads" is a chilling reminder of the dangers of seeking fame and fortune at any cost. Whether you're a fan of blues mythology or just appreciate dark, brooding music with a sense of mystery and intrigue, "The Crossroads" is a track that will stay with you long after it's over.

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