"the true beauty of all sounds in the universe..that's basically what my name means" - omyügen

" This track from omyügen fitted in our New Wave / Minimal / Dark Wave playlist. With "THE LOST SOUL ANTHEM" from their single "THE LOST SOUL ANTHEM" it will fit among other New Wave and Minimal to Dark Wave songs."

"The vocals are pretty trippy, like tape that is being eaten by a tape-recorder making it both interesting and creepy. A mantra to how the world in general is screwed up and that omyügen will show you the light. There is a constant hypnotic tune on guitar, playing in the background, lulling your senses into a false sense of security while the vocals invade your brain. The synths are there as well, adding to the wonderfully happy lunatic asylum feel that everything is burning….and that is completely okay."

Omyügen's latest single 'I Love 2 Hate U' has made it to the top 10 charts for February 2022.

"The soundscape of the track captures you right away from the opening note as the intro engrosses you with its assortment of abstract electronic instrumentation which forms itself into quite a compelling chord progression of sorts. The infusion of haunting chant-like vocal interpolations further add to the mysterious, yet stark mystique of the song as a downcast drum track provides the backbone of the sonic presentation. Kudos on the sound design!"